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AC Repair & Recharge

There is nothing better than driving around with the wind blowing in your hair, but for all the San Diego motorists that don’t have a soft top, there is only one solution to keeping cool, and that is to use the AC.

The problem is when it starts to get stuffy and then the AC doesn’t work as it should. The temperature can rise pretty quickly inside a vehicle. A vehicle AC can stop working for many reasons, and there are plenty of symptoms that will let you know you have an AC problem.

Air Conditioning Problems in San Diego

  • There is no fresh air coming from the vents
  • There is poor airflow, or the AC unit fails to blow at all
  • You can smell a strange odor coming from the vents

When you see the symptoms, it is good to know the problems that cause them. With this, you can quickly call a mobile mechanic because you know your AC is faulty and you need an AC repair.

  • Hoses can work loose or wear. This would be on the inlet hose, and if this happens, no air can get to the AC unit.
  • Seals can wear, and if this happens, there is not enough pressure for the unit to work. Once this problem has been fixed, it would need to be recharged.
  • When the AC system cools, there is a lot of condensation. This is why small pools of water can form under your vehicle. With this, if the water doesn’t escape as it should, it can cause mold and mildew. If this builds up, it prevents air from reaching the vents from the condenser.

San Diego AC Units Blowing Warm Air

Weak airflow is one of the significant problems of AC units. The second most significant problem is they don’t blow enough cold air and do in fact blow warm air. This does need the help of a mobile mechanic to resolve this problem.

An AC recharge needs to be carried out professionally because of the compounds being used.

Mobile Mechanic of San Diego has some of the very best AC technicians who are on call for any motorist around San Diego who needs their assistance, at any time of the day. They work 24’7 365 to make sure all motorists can remain cool and comfortable in their vehicles.

When our mechanics are recharging an AC unit, they first make sure there are no faults on the cooling system. Here are reasons for lack of fresh air, and also what mechanics check before doing any AC remedial work.

  • Switches, fuses or control modules which are faulty or broken
  • Vacuum leaks, evaporators or condensers can be faulty or broken
  • Resistors, clutches, compressors or blower motors can wear and fail
  • Refrigerant hoses and expansion tubes can become blocked
  • Seals, hoses or O-rings can cause leaks. These let the Freon gas escape.

What People Say

Angie D El Cajon

San Diego

I found my car was hit by an unknown vehicle in the mall parking lot. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego came and fitted a new tail light in next to no time. I know who I’m going to call when I need my vehicle worked on in future. Great job guys.

M McGee

San Diego

My regular garage closed down, so when my annual service came up, I was in a bind. I called Mobile Mechanic of San Diego, and they fitted me in no problem. They did a far superior job, and I highly recommend their mobile vehicle service.

Mobile Mechanic of San Diego AC Performance Checks

It is simple to schedule any of our skilled mobile mechanics to perform an AC repair on your vehicle. With a simple call to our friendly support staff. They are always available to take your call and will quickly dispatch someone to take care of your vehicle.

Many problems can be sorted from our mechanics carrying out an AC performance check. This will give your vehicles AC the service it needs, and at the same time they will see what isn’t working like it should

We also make sure we offer the most affordable rates because the last thing we want, is San Diego motorist to get hot under the collar.

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