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    Car Diagnostics In San Diego

    Most modern vehicles are controlled by computers to such an extent, that when there is a problem, the only way to locate it, is to hook the vehicle up to a diagnostics machine and run it through a series of tests. Even this can lead a mobile mechanic to the wrong area because one fault can throw up a series of errors.

    A car diagnostic test is basically the starting point for some experienced troubleshooting to begin. Luckily, we employ some of the very best mechanics who have over 15 years’ experience in running these vehicle diagnostics from their mobile garages in San Diego.

    The mobile vehicle diagnostic tool our skilled mechanics use is exactly the same as you would find in any brick and mortar garage. This enables us to keep car diagnostic cost to an affordable level, and also, we can perform these tests at any location a customer desires.

    Engine Management Lights – Reasons and Symptoms

    • Lack of performance and Increased gas consumption
    • Engine vacuum leaks – this produces fuel or ignition problem symptoms and upsets the air to fuel ratio
    • Catalytic converter problems
    • Spark plug cables, or ignition coil problems
    • Spark plugs or rotor faults
    • EGR valve problems – the function of this is to help reduce polluting emissions

    If you have one of these problem areas or any of the many others. It can lead to the engine warning light to remain on or flash intermittently.

    If the light is permanently lit, this could be highlighting a problem which isn’t yet severe. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego recommends you call as soon as possible because these problems will never vanish without a skilled mechanics intervention.

    When the light shines as the engine starts, this is okay because the vehicle is running its own diagnostic tests looking for errors.

    What People Say

    Angie D El Cajon

    San Diego

    I found my car was hit by an unknown vehicle in the mall parking lot. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego came and fitted a new tail light in next to no time. I know who I’m going to call when I need my vehicle worked on in future. Great job guys.

    M McGee

    San Diego

    My regular garage closed down, so when my annual service came up, I was in a bind. I called Mobile Mechanic of San Diego, and they fitted me in no problem. They did a far superior job, and I highly recommend their mobile vehicle service.

    Vehicle Diagnostics San Diego Ca

    Our skilled vehicle technicians can run these tests at vehicle owners home or location of choice. They can be quickly scheduled in at any time 24/7 365, and opting for a mobile mechanic to come to you can show a considerable time-saving. Our affordable car diagnostic tests can take longer to run because there can be up to five problem areas from each error that is found.

    Although we aim to offer the most affordable rates for a vehicle diagnostic test, we ensure our mobile mechanics never cut corners. There are certain things they check for, and a standard operating practice they follow to make sure they leave another satisfied customer.

    Here are a few things which are included in our detailed vehicle diagnostics tests.

    • A detailed visual inspection of related engine components to look for apparent problems.
    • Full detailed system analysis is taken from computer-related printouts or display.
    • Further Pin-Point testing carried out to eliminate problem these problems.
    • Full component diagnosis at each stage of the process.

    Once our San Diego mobile mechanic services get the print-out or the machine displays on the screen, the mechanic will run the customer through the findings, and then detail all further work that will commence.

    At this point, it is down to the mechanic’s analysis of the problems to find the root cause. When this has been achieved, they will then check everything is running as it should and re-set the engine management system, so there is no dash warning light showing.

    Mobile Mechanic in San Diego Car Diagnostic Test

    Older makes of vehicles don’t suffer from these computer problems. However, there is still a lot which can be gained from running car diagnostics. This can show performance levels and how fuel efficient the engine is.

    This can go a long way to highlighting areas which are wearing, or there is a further problem which isn’t showing symptoms apart from mediocre performance. These over time will worsen, and fuel consumption will rise, and thus costing any drive more each time they visit the gas station.

    Calling our friendly staff and scheduling one of our mobile San Diego mechanics can save hundreds of dollars in wasted fuel, and as a highly regarded company who continually tries to save our customers money, this is a test we highly recommend regardless of the make or type of vehicle you might have.

    Our top-rated mechanics are comfortable and have the skills to work on the most modern cars, or to use their experience and find the niggling problems on the older makes of car.

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