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Pre-Purchase Car Inspections


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    Pre-Purchase Car Inspections In San Diego

    Our mechanics are highly regarded around the area by the number of happy motorists they have helped in their times of needs. This includes 24/7 vehicle breakdown in San Diego or the thousands of home car services that have been scheduled over the past 15 years.

    What many vehicle owners don’t realize is, our mobile mechanics can perform another vehicle service in San Diego that can save thousands of dollars.

    San Diego Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

    A pre-purchase car inspection aims to help our customers make the correct decision when it comes to buying a used vehicle. This can be a daunting experience if the purchaser doesn’t know what to look for in a used vehicle, and although they might look nice, this doesn’t mean they are a good purchase.

    The mobile mechanics we schedule in, to make these used vehicle inspections are the very best in the industry. They run through their own set of tests to find out if there any problems with the vehicle, or if there could possibly be anything which will cause a problem once the car has been purchased.

    Our mechanics will cover the following as part of their used vehicle purchase inspection.

    Verify all the listed equipment is included in the vehicle for sale
    These checks will verify the vehicle is in the described condition
    Frame and chassis checks will be conducted along with engine and body to make sure they are all above board. An estimate will be provided if there is remedial work to be carried out.
    Body and engine codes are checked for signs of tampering
    You can have an increase in bargaining power if there is work to be carried out, or the car inspection shows the vehicle is over-valued.

    As many people decide to have a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, there are still a vast number of people who choose not to proceed with one. This can be for a few reasons such as the ones listed here.

    Many consumers are unaware an inspection of a vehicle before purchasing second hand is available from a mobile mechanic service.
    Many individuals just don’t have the budget or are unwilling to spend that little extra for an additional inspection
    A lot of people spot a vehicle and decide they want it, if they take with them a mobile mechanic, they think there will be unnecessary aggravation from the seller.
    In many cases, with regard to extra cost, and the extra aggravation. These can be negated by our mobile mechanics who perform these inspections.

    Selling prices are often inflated, so when our skilled vehicle technician finds things which will need attention, or are not working, they can save you money which outweighs the inspection cost.

    More importantly, some sellers resort to unscrupulous means to get rid of vehicles. Our mechanics will quickly see the signs that a vehicle has been made to look its best just to get rid of it. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego offers the most affordable rates for these vehicle inspections. If we charged too high, it would be a case that many people would opt not to continue.

    We know, any person who purchases a vehicle with our recommendation will become a part of the family. The mechanic will immediately relate to the vehicle, should you need any vehicle servicing, and they will have an insight into what areas could pose potential problems.

    San Diego Sellers Denying a Used Vehicle Inspection

    Any seller who denies access to a used vehicle inspection is in most cases hiding something. There are many tricks they use to show the vehicle in the best light. In many cases, a skilled mechanic can learn so much from a quick test-drive, so it is easy to see why some vehicle owners don’t want them near their vehicle.

    Cars are often in accidents which never go reported to the insurance, these are made to look good, but when they are driven by an expert, little signs will show up. Cars don’t drive straight, or the body rolls slightly on the chassis. They are all signs of collision damage, and these are best avoided.

    What People Say

    Angie D El Cajon

    San Diego

    I found my car was hit by an unknown vehicle in the mall parking lot. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego came and fitted a new tail light in next to no time. I know who I’m going to call when I need my vehicle worked on in future. Great job guys.

    M McGee

    San Diego

    My regular garage closed down, so when my annual service came up, I was in a bind. I called Mobile Mechanic of San Diego, and they fitted me in no problem. They did a far superior job, and I highly recommend their mobile vehicle service.

    San Diego Pre-Sale Car Inspection

    At the other end of the transaction is the vehicle seller. We can also schedule one of our skilled mechanics to give a vehicle the once over to make sure there is nothing severely wrong with it before it is put up for sale.

    Our mechanics can advise on the best selling price, and car sellers can find just as easy, they aren’t asking a high enough price as well as a vehicle which is over-priced.

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