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VW Repair & Modification

There is nothing better than driving around in an old classic vehicle, and there are no better classics than the old VW’s. San Diego has the perfect climate for driving around with the top down on a convertible with the radio on.

These classics have a massive following all over the country and can range from the beetle to the VW bus which is a favored vehicle for surfers. With this comes the need for VW repair or for the many who love to bring their old vehicle up to date and have it modified.

There are many garages around which can’t devote time to something which needs some tender love and care, but when you have the right mechanic on the job, the work can be a pleasure.

What People Say

Angie D El Cajon

San Diego

I found my car was hit by an unknown vehicle in the mall parking lot. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego came and fitted a new tail light in next to no time. I know who I’m going to call when I need my vehicle worked on in future. Great job guys.

M McGee

San Diego

My regular garage closed down, so when my annual service came up, I was in a bind. I called Mobile Mechanic of San Diego, and they fitted me in no problem. They did a far superior job, and I highly recommend their mobile vehicle service.

San Diego VW Mechanics

Without a doubt, we know we have the very best Volkswagen San Diego mechanics. We know this because these are some of the cars that our mechanics fist started to learn their trade before entering the industry.

From engine rebuilds to full modifications, there is nothing our mechanics don’t know about an old VW.

From the days when they were like many others and were armed with a toolbox full of tools, they learned the ins and outs of pretty much every model still currently available. The VW’s were constructed in such a way to make it easy to work on, but nowadays, it can be a hindrance to some garages. It takes years of skill to fix engine problems when there are no computers to plug in, and VW’s have their own quirks. Luckily, Mobile Mechanic of San Diego have the guys who can transform a VW into a modern classic.

San Diego VW Modification

When anyone wants a VW modification, they will want the engine to be up to the same level. Our VW technicians can perform the best dyno tuning San Diego VW owners can wish for. Dyno tuning is one of the very few things which can’t be performed at the roadside. It does though enable us to tune a VW engine to its best performance. This not only increases engine power, but also gives an increase in fuel consumption, and cuts down on any unwanted engine emissions.

When bodywork modifications are required on a San Diego VW, we have some of the best vehicle bodyworkers in the industry. Most of their time is repairing collision damage, but the chance to work on a VW is a dream.

New VW’s in San Diego

VW has produced some classic vehicles, many of which aren’t only from the Beetle era. Many models in the VW family are deemed as classics.

All models can benefit from a VW repair, our skilled mechanics perform. Their skills aren’t only limited to the old ones, but they have worked on hundreds, if not thousands of VW’s in the last 15 years we have been in operation.

Many people in the region don’t trust anyone else to deal with their pride and joy. These classics are thee to be loved, and that is precisely what our mechanics show when they ae working on vehicles of this type.

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