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    About Us

    With over 15 years supporting motorists in San Diego, we have attended to thousands of breakdowns, repairs and general servicing. We have some of the very best mechanics in the industry, and Mobile Mechanic of San Diego is honored to have such a group working for them.

    This isn’t to deflect away from all of our loyal customers who came to us and have remained loyal all this time. Without either, there is no way we could have built up our reputation.

    As a company, we always try to remain transparent, the one way can do this is to be trustworthy and honest. This builds on top of our company integrity and enables us the ability to source the very best parts for our customer’s vehicles and to pass on any savings by making sure we give the most affordable rates.

    We know that vehicles have a tendency to break down at the most unfortunate times, and it was this which spurred us into action to bring 24/7 365 support to the San Diego motorists. When vehicles have problems, it can be one of the worst experiences when you are stood there say “Why is there no mechanic near me?” This situation becomes even worse if you are out of town in the later hours of the night.

    From a very quick call, with a few details of the problem, we can dispatch drivers who in most cases have parts already on their up to date mobile garages, to any location in San Diego where a motorist finds themselves stranded.

    Mobile Mechanic of San Diego makes sure we have the fastest response times when the sun has gone down, and many other vehicle repair shops have closed for the day. Our customer’s safety is our top priority, and we do all we can to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound.

    Fast And Efficient Mobile Vehicle Repairs

    We bring the shop to you!