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    Car Tune Up In San Diego

    Over time vehicles will lose some of their performance. This has a direct impact on their MPG which would lead to an increase in gas usage. Many drivers even miss these tune-ups when they have an annual service and only put things right which are a necessity.

    In San Diego Ca, there is no reason for any driver to not have an engine tune-up at any time because we will take the service to them. Finding a reliable garage is hard enough when there is limited time during a working week.

    Jobs of this nature are left for weekends, and in many cases, there is only a Saturday when motorists can do this. As one of the top mobile mechanic companies in San Diego, we have many mobile mechanics who can tune a vehicle’s engine to peak performance. This not only increases an engine’s performance, but it will improve its MPG.

    An engine that has been tuned will pay for itself in a relatively short time as gas usage drops, and visits to the gas station are less frequent.

    There are many areas where faults creep into engines that will reduce performance, here is a list of some areas which can reduce the effectiveness of your motor, and can lead to more severe problems down the road.

    Ignition Systems

    Distributor Caps and Rotor Arms

    On older models of vehicle’s, these small parts play such a crucial role. Although simple by design, if there is a problem with them, they will make an engine run roughly and it won’t burn fuel efficiently.

    A rotor arm spins inside the distributor cap, and two metal contacts come into almost contact with each other, and from here, the spark shoots down the ignition wire to the spark plug. If the gap becomes too wide, or there is a fault in the two pieces, these sparks can become intermittent, and fuel passes through the engine without being burned.

    Ignition Wires and Spark Plugs

    If the contacts don’t touch correctly, or there are broken wires, the sparks can’t travel along the cables to create a spark in the spark plug.

    When the power reaches the spark plug, there is a small gap where another spark is created to ignite the fuel. Spark plugs wear over time, and this gap gets wider. If this happens, the chances of a good spark are vastly reduced.

    This again means gasoline is passing to the engine and not being ignited, and the vehicle will misfire.


    Motor vehicles make use of filters for all manner of things, It is their duty to filter out any contamination before it has a chance to reach the engine and cause damage.


    Oil filters prevent tiny fragments of metal from entering the cylinders. If they could find their way in, scoring could occur, and the engine loses pressure, thus offering a lack of power. Also, this oil would start to burn along with the petrol, and it is one reason vehicles start smoking from their tailpipes.


    These are the first of 2 crucial filters, they sit under the hood and prevent dust particles entering into the engine when the air is sucked in. If these fail, the same thing can happen as the oil filter, and in warm dusty climates like San Diego, this can be even more crucial. Also, if an air filter becomes really blocked, this starts to choke the engine from the air, and it will burn excess fuel in compensation, although with less performance.


    Any tuner shop in San Diego Ca tell any motorist the importance of having clean fuel filters. Gasoline contains lots of contaminants, and like the other filters, they are there to stop these from flowing into the engine. When these become blocked, the flow of fuel is restricted, and any vehicle can quickly grind to a halt with a blocked fuel pipe. On top of this, fuel pumps that run dry can wear and fail so it would require a mobile mechanic to do more than an engine tune-up.

    What People Say

    Angie D El Cajon

    San Diego

    I found my car was hit by an unknown vehicle in the mall parking lot. Mobile Mechanic of San Diego came and fitted a new tail light in next to no time. I know who I’m going to call when I need my vehicle worked on in future. Great job guys.

    M McGee

    San Diego

    My regular garage closed down, so when my annual service came up, I was in a bind. I called Mobile Mechanic of San Diego, and they fitted me in no problem. They did a far superior job, and I highly recommend their mobile vehicle service.

    Our Engine Tune-Ups in San Diego

    Mobile Mechanic of San Diego performs engine tunes in San Diego on a regular basis. Many motorists call because their vehicle isn’t running right and they are spending a fortune on gas.

    A San Diego engine tune is highly advised because they don’t only restore lost power and increase performance in vehicles, they can highlight other problem areas where a more severe vehicle repair could be required.

    It is advisable to call our 24-hour support and schedule your vehicle for an engine tune, and then you will be able to feel the difference in your car’s performance.

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