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Can a San Diego Mobile Mechanic Flush Fuel Systems?

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is easy to do. You flip the cap and insert the nozzle into your gas tank. Because you have fueled up so many times, you are not aware the pipe is a different color. If you are lucky, you may have just a little, yet you may be almost to the point of filling your tank.

As you stand to scratch your head, you may be thinking, “Can a San Diego Mobile Mechanic, Flush Fuel Systems?”

Read on, and you can find out what it means to make this mistake.

There is Gasoline in Your Diesel

Pumps and diesel engines with compression instead of detonation like a gas engine. Diesel lubricates the engine, so if you add gasoline, your engine loses all the lubrication and can encounter metal-to-metal resistance.

It can lead to many engine areas experiencing damage and a considerable repair bill.

If you add the wrong fuel, but don’t start your engine, a San Diego, a mobile technician has to drain all the fuel and fill the system with the correct one.

If you add gas and are already driving, you could experience a large repair bill if you have damage. However, the first thing is your car may stop working, which may be a good thing.

You Have Diesel in Your Gasoline

Because of these issues, they now make the pumps larger and thus eliminate these issues. However, it can happen. If you manage to make this mistake, do stop and call your mobile mechanic of San Diego.

You may be able to run your car, but if there is enough diesel in your system, it can prevent your spark plugs sparking. If you happen to move, pull over and call your local mobile auto repair San Diego to work his magic and get your fuel issues corrected.

What Should I Do if I Add The Wrong Fuel?

  • Don’t panic; it isn’t the end of the world
  • Don’t start your engine if you haven’t already
  • If your motor is running, pull off the road and stop
  • Call the mobile mechanic of San Diego to assist
  • Make sure to stay in a safe area

Mobile Auto Repair of San Diego Can Resolve All Fuel Problems

It’s an easy mistake, but to make sure you never are stuck in the middle of nowhere, or at night.

As long as you are not driving too far, or haven’t started your engine, the possibilities of severe damage are substantially limited. Just keep the number of your 24-hour mobile mechanic of San Diego on your phone. If you made this error, contact Mobile Mechanic of San Diego so one of their grease monkeys can get you sorted in the fastest possible time.

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