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Dash Lights and Noises Help Mobile Auto Repair San Diego

We frequently drive around for weeks before we spot new noises coming from some regions of our cars.

If we don’t detect them, our vehicles may need some attention; and our vehicles are the first to make us aware of them.

Knowing what strange car noises are can be a challenge if you don’t know where they come from. However, we should learn what the sound signifies to deliver useful feedback to the mobile mechanic. Why do we do this? Because dash lights and noises help mobile auto repair San Diego.

Read on and learn some more about the noises you hear, and the dash lights.

Vehicle Check Lights Only Do So Much to Help a Mechanic

The engine check light may be extremely confusing because it does not provide a local mechanic with full feedback of what the problem is on your vehicle.

Here are a few things that this light can mean.

  • Oxygen sensors need replacing because it can make the fuel mixture imbalanced
  • Catalytic converters prevent fumes being emitted, and are a costly replacement
  • Spark plugs or cables – periodically, these do need changing as they wear. If left, they can prevent your car from starting, or it won’t run at peak performance.

Auto Repair San Diego Diagnoses Screeching Sounds

The screeching boils down to two areas, which is brakes or your engine belts. If there is a screeching when you first start the engine, it means one of the belts is loose through wear and tear.

It is a quick job for a San Diego mobile auto repair mechanic, but you are better not driving in case it is the serpentine belt which is more dangerous.

If you hear screeching when you push on the brakes, it often means you have no brake pad left. Driving too far like this can lead to your wheels locking when you weld the bare metal to the disc brakes.

Can You See Steam Coming from the Engine?

If you hear a hissing noise, it may be due to a hose leak. The sound may be linked to the cooling system or a vacuum line. Both will require immediate attention if you wish to avoid an overheated car or a car with poor driving ability.

If it is water-related, you may see steam coming out from under the hood. It’s time to stop and quickly call your 24-hour San Diego mobile mechanic.

Is There a Banging Sound As You Drive?

Tire knocking will be a symptom of low tire pressure or the alignment of your front wheels is off. Both have a detrimental impact, yet the alignment is worse as your tires will wear uneven. Luckily, both issues can be sorted quickly by a local San Diego  mobile mechanic.

Taking care to keep your tires in good working order can improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency. Rather than second-guessing what the noises mean, or ignoring the light on the dash. Contact Mobile Mechanic of San Diego , and can have a quick service of your car in no time.

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